Author : Sharath Komarraju

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Classification Fiction
Pub Date 2012
Imprint Amaryllis Titles
Page Extent 220
Binding PB
Language English
ISBN 978-81-81506-10-3
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Padmavati, the village hostess's body is found in the sacred chamber of the Kali temple. Men wanted her; women hated her; and some wanted to keep their liaisons hidden. But who had the motive, means and opportunity to kill her? Padmavati charged by the hour - her laughs, her understanding, her empathy, her advice - everything was available only in return for the payment, which made her, in the sarpanch Seetaraamaiah's eye; little more than a trader. 'Look', the priest Krishna Shastri said, pointing to the letters around him. 'Satyam, Shekhar Seetaraamaiah - how many men did she have in her grasp? How many?' The onus of solving the case puts head constable Venkat Reddy in a quandary. He has never even solved petty crimes and here he is faced with murder! If this were a novel, the constable Venkat Reddy thought vacantly, would the reader think of him as a worthy detective? Would anyone bother reading about a bundling, confused constable pretending to be a detective? The equation before him is simple: seven suspects, seven motives, one murder.

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Sharath Komarraju