THE EMPEROR'S WRITINGS: Memories of Akbar the Great

THE EMPEROR'S WRITINGS: Memories of Akbar the Great

Author : Dirk Collier

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Classification Fiction
Pub Date 2011
Imprint Amaryllis Titles
Page Extent 629
Binding CB
Language English
ISBN 978-81-910673-6-1
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Akbar the Great (1543-1605), the greatest of the Mughal emperors, was not only the most powerful and wealthiest monarch of his time, but undoubtedly, the most enlightened one. A firm proponent of universal tolerance and religious freedom for all, he welcomed to his court, representatives of all religions. Akbar succeeded in unifying the various creeds of Hindustan under his victorious banner, and created the strong Mughal Empire. Admirably researched and written, The Emperor’s Writings narrates the true story of Akbar's life and times in a fictionalised manner. It delineates his swift and spectacular rise to absolute power, and his remarkably modern vision of a prosperous, diverse and tolerant Hindustan, against the backdrop of his eventful personal life, his relationship with his favourite wife, and the tragic conflict with Salim (Jahangir), his only surviving son and bitter rival. The book offers a unique historical perspective on the heart and soul of the Indian subcontinent.

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