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Our Latest Released Titles
  • CROSSING OVER by Geetanjali Mehta..

    Biopolar disorder? No, it does not mean STARK, RAVING MAD. It is much misunderstood psychiatric illness that affects up to 4 percent of any

    Geetanjali Mehta
    Price:    Rs.350.00
  • CIRCLE OF FATE by Prita Warrier..

    Devaki an ageing widow, lives with her maid, Ambli, in a village in Kerala. Though she is haunted by the nightmares of her past. A captivati

    Prita Warrier
    Price:    Rs.295.00
  • SIX WORDS by Surendra Kumar Sagar..

    This book is on Science and Philosophy... it is actually rather a quark's autobiography from the Big Bang onwards. Yet the future is complex

    Surendra Kumar Sagar
    Price:  Rs.595.00
  • MAKING INDIA (English) by Makarand Paranjpe..

    India today is almost completely unrecognizable from what it was at the eve of the colonial conquest. A sovereign nation, with teeming indus

    Makarand Paranjpe
    Price:  Rs.395.00
  • RUM, BEER, COCKTAIL by Sukant Ratnakar..

    A novel with a message of either building ones life on the straight and narrow path or redeeming a hedonist lifestyle into social responsibi

    Sukant Ratnakar
    Price:  Rs.299.00
  • NOORDIN'S GIFT by Shashi Warrier..

    A hair-raising tale of terrorism with frighteningly real characters and a taught and believable plot. Set in Kashmir of 2025, when it has se

    Shashi Warrier
    Price:  Rs.350.00
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