The Untold Vajpayee

The Untold Vajpayee

Author : Ullekh N.P.

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Classification Biography/ Non-fiction
Pub Date 5 June 2018
Imprint Manjul
Page Extent 236 pages
Binding Paperback
Language Marathi
ISBN 978-93-87383-43-2
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about book

Despite his grand 'secular' statements in Parliament that bordered on the Nehruvian, Atal Bihari Vajpayee has often taken brief excursions into the hardline camp. In 1983, he made an incendiary speech during the Assam elections in which the presence of 'Bangladeshi foreigners' in the state was a big issue. Even the BJP had disowned Vajpayee's speech, which possibly inspired the massacre of over 2000 people, mostly Muslims, in Nellie in Assam.
Vajpayee, one of the shrewdest politicians of India, is known for negotiating multiple contradictions: from militant nationalism to his secret family life; his stint as a communist; his indulgence in food; influence of Gandhi and Nehru; Narendra Modi and Gujarat issues; foreign policies; and his attempt to project himself as a moderate face, if not liberal, among others. Exploring crucial milestones of Vajpayee's career and his traits as a seasoned politician, the book looks at his relationship with leaders of his party and the love-hate association with RSS and its feeder organizations. Thoroughly researched, supported by hard facts and accompanied by inside stories and anecdotes, insightful interviews and archival photographs, The Untold Vajpayee would open a window to the life and times of a poet politician.

About author

Born to a family of politicians in the Marxist hotbed of Kannur, Kerala, Ullekh N.P. is a journalist and political commentator based in New Delhi. He has worked for almost two decades with some of India’s biggest news publications such as the Economic Times and India Today, and has travelled extensively across the country and overseas, reporting on domestic and international politics. His first book was War Room: The People, Tactics and Technology behind Narendra Modi’s 2014 Win. He is the executive editor of Open magazine.