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Forthcoming English titles from Manjul 

Success requires the key tools of motivation, communication and implementation. Motivation is the fuel of personal success.Communication helps you define and share your mission. Implementation brings dreams mission and success goals into action.

Author:          Jim Stovall
Genre:              Self Help 
Dimensions:    Demy (140 x 210 mm)
Binding:         Paperback
Extent:          176 pp
Price:             Rs. 175.00
ISBN:              978-81-8322-471-0
Language:      English

This book contains 52 enjoyable lessons towards a robust personal and professional growth. Make every second count to build a better you for yourself, your family, your friends - for everyone you interact with at home, at work, at play.

Author:          Mike Greene
Genre:              Self Help / Inspiration 
Dimensions:    Demy (140 x 216 mm)
Binding:          Paperback
Extent:          112 pp
Price:             Rs. 150.00
ISBN:              978-81-8322-486-4
Language:      English

Your brain has unlimited potential to do anything, and for the brightest future, its capacity and power can be enhanced many times over - by you. Through non invasive functional brain mapping, the author has deviced simple, doable experiments, through which you can vastly improve every aspect of your daily life and learn to lead a happy and successful life.

Author:          Ryuta Kawashima
Genre:              Self Help 
Dimensions:    Demy (145 x 210 mm)
Binding:         Paperback
Extent:          96 pp
Price:             Rs. 199.00
ISBN:              978-81-8322-412-3
Language:      English


Forthcoming Marathi titles from Manjul

This is the Marathi translation of BYCULLA TO BANGKOK by S Hussain Zaidi. This is a meticulously researched tale of the Mumbais underworld, thrillingly told by the acknowledged expert on the underworld.

Author:           S Hussain Zaidi
Genre:            Non Fiction
Dimensions:    Demy (140 x 210 mm)
Binding:          Paperback
Extent:           270 pp + 8 photo pages
Price:              Rs. 299.00
ISBN:              978-81-8322-489-5
Language:       Marathi

Forthcoming titles from Amaryllis

A novel with a message of either building ones life on the straight and narrow path or redeeming a hedonist lifestyle into social responsibility, now more meaningful to ensure personal growth on all levels.

Author:           Sukant Ratnakar
Genre:            Inspiration/Fiction
Dimensions:    Demy (140 x 215 mm)
Binding:          Paperback
Extent:           296 pp
Price:              Rs. 299.00
ISBN:              978-93-81506-52-3
Language:       English

A hair-raising tale of terrorism with frighteningly real characters and a taught and believable plot. Set in Kashmir of 2025, when it has seceded from India and has been taken over by the Taliban and allied forces, who plan to take over one of the nuclear reactors at Koodankulam in South India. 

Author:           Shashi Warrier
Genre:            Thriller/Fiction
Dimensions:    Demy (140 x 215 mm)
Binding:          Paperback
Extent:           373 pp
Price:              Rs. 350.00
ISBN:              978-93-81506-58-5
Language:       English

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