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Forthcoming English titles from Manjul 

A Murder at the Savoy, a duel with Oscar Wilde, a case in Windsor Castle and much more....This series of five novelettes told in the traditional manner by Doctor Watson focuses on Gilbert and Sullivan themes.

Author:          Mike Hogan
Genre:             Fiction  
Dimensions:   Demy (140 x 216 mm)
Binding:         Paperback
Extent:          218 pp
Price:             Rs. 225.00
ISBN:             978-81-8322-567-0
Language:      English

For the first time Ex-SEAL Mark Divine reveals the mental tricks you can use to think like US Navy SEAL and achieve personal excellence. In this book, you will find excercises, meditation and  focusing techniques to train your mind for mental toughness, emotional resilience and uncanny intuition. A practical guide for anyone who wants to be an eli

Author:          Mark Divine
Genre:             Business / Leadership 
Dimensions:   Demy (140 x 216 mm)
Binding:         Paperback
Extent:          255 pp
Price:             Rs. 295.00
ISBN:             978-81-8322-572-4
Language:      English

Why we are here? What is the meaning of life? How can we feel happy and free? The answers to these questions lies in this book. This book is an amazing combination of responses which Lori received from various people, her own insightful essays and insights from wise teachers around the world and throughout time.
Author:          Lori Deschene
Genre:             Mind, Body, Spirit
Dimensions:   A Format (145 x 165 mm)
Binding:         Paperback
Extent:          304 pp
Price:             Rs. 295.00
ISBN:             978-81-8322-531-1
                                     Language:      English

This book can guide you to a deeper and more satisfying daily life filled with joy, as  it draws on the robust heritage of Buddhist philosophy.
Author:          Barbara Ann Kipfer
Genre:             Mind, Body, Spirit
Dimensions:   A Format (145 x 165 mm)
Binding:         Paperback
Extent:          385 pp
Price:             Rs. 295.00
ISBN:             978-81-8322-520-5
Language:      English


Forthcoming Hindi titles from Manjul 

Dare to be Different and Grow Rich is an insightful and thought-provoking journey through 150 years of cultural and business history. Packed with useful advice, interesting facts and entertaining anecdotes, the book offers a definitive philosophy for success. This book is for everybody who has the courage to dream.

Author:           Dr. Rainer Zitelmann
Genre:               Self Help
Dimensions:    B Format (130 x 200 mm)
Binding:          Paperback
Extent:           314 pp
Price:              Rs. 325.00
ISBN:              978-81-8322-534-2
                                 Language:       Hindi

This book is filled with the kind of down-to-earth guidance and practical help that has made Dr. Helmstetter one of the most renowned motivational researchers and authorities of our time. This book focuses on the people who are changing the world - NETWORK MARKETERS.

Author:           Shad Helmstetter
Genre:               Self Help
Dimensions:    Demy (140 x 210 mm)
Binding:          Paperback
Extent:           196 pp
Price:              Rs. 175.00
ISBN:              978-81-8322-568-7
Language:       Hindi

Forthcoming Hindi title exclusively distributed by Manjul

This is the Hindi translation of BEYOND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION by Brenda Barnaby. This book is not about magic or alchemy, but the application of certain scientific norms that govern the Universe.In this book, you will find ways to apply the power to get everything you wish for.
Author:          Brenda Barnaby
Genre:              Mind, Body, Spirit
Dimensions:    140 x 178 mm
Binding:          Paperback
Extent:           194 pp
Price:             Rs. 395.00
ISBN:              978-81-8274-811-8
Language:      Hindi
Publisher:       Pentagon Press 

Forthcoming Marathi titles from Manjul

This is the Marathi translation of BEYOND THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. This book describes the real relationship between your conscious and subconscious mind. The principles and techniques presented herein are both practical and documented by modern science.

Author:           C James Jensen
Genre:            Self Help
Dimensions:    Demy (140 x 216 mm)
Binding:          Paperback
Extent:           218 pp
Price:              Rs. 195.00
ISBN:              978-81-8322-515-1
Language:       Marathi

Forthcoming Telugu titles from Manjul 

Designed to teach you how to acquire what is often called charisma, the authors, renowned experts in body language and communication skills, offer practical, persuasive tips to show how to know and understand people you meet every day and in every sphere of life, and develop a more interesting, influential and magnetic personality.
Author:           Allan & Barbara Pease
Genre:            Self Help
Dimensions:    B Format (130 x 200 mm)
Binding:           Paperback
Extent:           116 pp
Price:              Rs. 125.00
ISBN:              978-81-8322-542-7
Language:       Telugu

Forthcoming Tamil titles from Manjul 

This is the Tamil translation of HERO by Rhonda Byrne. By following the journeys of twelve of the most successful people on the planet today.You will learn how to use your inner powers to overcome obstacles and to make impossible dreams come true.
Author:           Rhonda Byrne
Genre:            Mind, Body, Spirit
Dimensions:    140 x 178 mm
Binding:           Paperback
Extent:           286 pp
Price:              Rs. 375.00
ISBN:              978-81-8322-473-4
Language:       Tamil

Forthcoming title from Amaryllis

Sufism is the mystical branch of Islam that teaches love, humility,frugality, pragmatism and wisdom. In this remarkable and timeless book, Idries Shah presents selections of verses,anecdotes, epigrams, lectures, insightful maxims, fantastic tales, and stories, culled from the writings of revered Sufi masters.

Author:           Idries Shah
Genre:            Philosophy / Spirituality
Dimensions:    Demy (140 x 216 mm)
Binding:           Paperback
Extent:            288 pp
Price:              Rs. 299.00
ISBN:               978-93-81506-60-8
Language:       English

With a daughter like Simi who needs enemies? Being a mother to a sassy, stubborn, sulky and selfish 20 year old like Simi can be a nightmare.....This is a tear streaked diary of Simis poor, ever suffering mum!!!

Author:           Rupa Gulab
Genre:            Fiction
Dimensions:    B Format (130 x 200 mm)
Binding:           Paperback
Extent:            207 pp
Price:              Rs. 175.00
ISBN:               978-93-81506-58-5
Language:       English

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