Home At Last: A journey to higher consciousness

3/26/2018 12:17 PM

The main aim of writing the book was to send out the message to all, that Enlightenment/Self-Realization is not a property for one but for all.  It is the ultimate process of human evolution to realize who we are, why we are here and the purpose of this existence. It is all about reclaiming/reestablishing the connection with the source we all come from.

I believe any knowledge/wisdom one gains through the experience of realization must be shared with all, as we all are in the same boat.

It is not some thing special or unique to only those who meditate continuously, or into some kind of spiritual practice for a long duration. We all will get that ability to transcend and realize the divinity that is within each one of us when it’s our time. There is no need to go away to caves, forest, or Himalayas relinquishing our given life leaving all our responsibilities to experience Enlightenment.

One can attain highest levels of spiritual fulfillment, along with a deep understanding of life and its purpose just by being exactly where we are with all the responsibilities that are given to us.

It is that inexplicable calling orchestrated by a deep yearning that took me to experience the ultimate heightened state of awareness or realizing the Self through a practice of meditation.

Ultimately it is all about how we integrate all that we experience into our daily life that matters. As one of the enlightened teachers had said: "It is how we act, do and express what we realized that matters in this game of life.

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