My Experience of Self-Realization By Sarada Chiruvolu
3/28/2019 4:34 PM

Sarada Chiruvolu says, the ultimate purpose of human life is to self-realize. However, there is no need to change our demeanour, the way we look, dress, speak and change our lifestyle to achieve it.

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Home At Last: A journey to higher consciousness
3/26/2018 12:17 PM

The main aim of writing the book was to send out the message to all, that Enlightenment/Self-Realization is not a property for one but for all. It is the ultimate process of human evolution to realize who we are, why we are here and the purpose of this existence. It is all about reclaiming/reestablishing the connection with the source we all come from.

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बिज़नेस सूत्र
12/10/2015 5:48 PM  |  देवदत्त पट्टनाइक

इस बेहद दिलचस्प किताब में कहानियाँ, भाव और विचारों को जगाने वाले तत्त्व मौजूद हैं I बिज़नेस सूत्र ऐसी दुर्लभ प्रबंधन पुस्तक है जिसमें गहराई है, और यह बोझिल नहीं है I यह रोचक होने के साथ

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10/20/2015 6:16 PM  |  Daniel Smith

One of our greatest modern innovators, Steve Jobs transformed the computing and music industries, to bring us some of the modern world's most coveted technology. Gathering together the philosophies and carefully honed skills of this maverick businessman, this book invites you to be inspired by Steve Jobs - to view your world through the eyes of a genius.

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How to Think Like Einstein
10/14/2015 6:34 PM  |  Daniel Smith

Learn how Einstein, the man who evolved and altered the scientific landscape forever,viewed the world, and how his theories and the way he researched changed what we now take for granted.

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10/3/2015 11:37 AM  |  Devdutt Pattanaik

Devdutt Pattanaik is retelling the country's most popular story through the eyes of Sita. SITA - An Illustrated Retelling of the RAMAYANA (Marathi translation) is not a simple retelling of Valmiki's account, Pattanaik tells a straight story, ending with varying accounts of a particular incident. Pattanaik's Ramayana is as informative as it is gripping

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Reading trends among the younger generation
8/9/2015 11:40 AM  |  KaneezZehraRazavi

Feeling stuck? A powerful method to seek the best advice: Begin by presenting it to the spontaneity of the young for surely their minds are sharper and their intuition is quicker!  Sufi wisdom

It must be the best time to be young! Technology certainly favours the youth – as it gives their impatience instant gratification.  Now they can reach out to friends, family as well as for academic and professional sourcing.

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